Web series is the new age movies especially for all the millennials out there. These web series could make one binge watch for hours together without even realizing it. These are surely a perfect escape from a real world. Well, with huge number of options available we do not want you to miss out on the best ones. And so, here we are to make the right choice. We have complied a list top netflix shows on Netflix that are a must watch. Check out the list below;


Riverdale' season 5 details and information - Insider

Riverdale is a thrilling web series revolving around the life of few college students who are tend to be best friends later on in the show. The show begins with a death mystery and has been successfully launched 4 seasons till date and has been proven to be a huge hit on Netflix. The show surely signifies true love and true friendship.

The Kissing Booth

Two bestfriends delivering their babies on the same, passes on the legacy of being best friends. The movie revolves around Elle Evans, Lee Flynn and his brother Noah Flynn who turns out to be Elle’s crush from childhood. Later on, end up being couples, the best friend relationship between Elle and Lee gets affected. The movie is surely an interesting one to watch, the ups and downs of the movie will keep you entertained.


You is a webseries revolving around a obsessive lover and his love interests. After having a failed relationship when in love for the first, Joe turns out to be a two-faced character not trusting their loved and having a secret place to hid and torture his lady love. Two seasons has been released and the third one would be released in the year 2021.

Money Heist

As the name suggests, people from around the country gets chosen by a mastermind who will be referred as The Professor within the series. A heist which is so well planned leaves the entire police team in shock. The heist team successfully steals money from the Bank of Spain right under the nose of the police.

And here the list of best web series and shows on Netflix comes to an end.

These are surely worth binge watching.

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