If you wish to have a steady income along with your profession then you will love to try and play rummy games online. Not only does this immensely popular card game provide you with the much-needed relief from your daily work but you can earn a healthy amount of cash with the free roll tourneys and cash tables. But you are in a pool of nationwide network of players and understanding the way your opponents play will help you decide your pace and gaming style. This means you need to study the players, each and every one of them, carefully and sort them into categories.

5 types of player you will meet when playing rummy games online

Rummy is a game of skills, time and pace. Your pace and speed will depend on your opponents and the way they are playing the game. In general, there are 5 main types of people who are found in every rummy table. Once you can sort them out, you can adapt accordingly. These 5 types are:

  • The aggressive player

These players take the game too seriously. They keep attacking their opponents with random cards and that is their sign. There is no pattern to their discards as they play the hand forcefully at times. They will pick any card from the open deck and fooling them is way too easy. These kinds of players are not too often encountered when you play rummy games online.

  • The defensive player

These players allow the opponents to set the game’s pace and they follow accordingly. They are very intelligent and make each move after quite some deliberation. These sorts of players are found on average when you play rummy games online but they are lethal. They can easily confuse you into playing into their hands.

  • The newbie

Being the most frequent players, the newbies are ones you come across the most when you are playing freeroll or low bid cash rummy games online. They are learning the games and you can spot them easily because they make their game very obvious.

  • The casual player

Not many people play the rummy game for cash. Some play just to destress and enjoy their leisure time. These players are found when you play the chips game. If you are looking to practice your gaming skills then you will come across these players in the free game section.

  • The bluff master

Manipulation is a skill that is highly valued in rummy games online, especially if you happen to have a drop worthy hand. Yet, there are players who will bluff around with their cards in order to make you drop your hand. They are easily spotted when you do not fall for it and play your hand. They will either drop in the middle or let you win handsomely.



Once you can successfully identify the type of players you are up against, rummy games online become even more interesting and challenging. But you must remember that for them you also fall into a particular category. Now you can choose to stick to your mantra or play like a chameleon, it is up to you and your reasons for playing the rummy game.

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